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Have you ever seen a photo and thought to yourself wow that’s a very unusual way to take a picture, but I LOVE it! Well this week I wanted to create pictures that you could look at and know that I tried to be different and take a different view on things. Most of the time people only look at things from one angle. Well, I want to show the world (or at least everybody who looks at my blogs) that you can look at things in a different perspective or view and it can be so much prettier sometimes. I once had this concept on a scavenger hunt assignment in photography 1 and I found it to be very interesting to look at things in different views. I want to go farther then just the one picture I had to turn in, in photography 1. So, I mainly got my inspiration from that photography project, I also looked up some other photographers who have shot with unusual perspectives. is a site that I looked at where a lot of their pictures were taken at a unique angle. I think that their cite was helpful because it showed angles that I could shoot at to have a unique perspective. I am pleased with the way this project turned out and I had fun shooting it.

I feel that this picture portrays an unusual angle because most people don’t look at guitars from the bottom like this. Most people are playing it or watching somebody place so they are watching from a straight forward view. I wish I would have got more of the guitar in the photo in the photo though.

I like this picture a lot. I really, really like it. Most people are not at the eye level this picture is taken unless they are under the age of five. I think this shows what other people see not just what you see. It definitely shows how awesome a picture can be if you get down low and take a different angle of something. I dropped the people to just focus on the holding hands because I thought it looked better that way. It’s sort of romantic in a way(: I may use this photo for a project next week(:

I got my inspiration for this picture from a google image I saw of a guy doing exactly what I did in this picture except in his picture he is in a train. I would love to recreate that image, but sadly we don’t have any trains in North Idaho that you are able to ride. Therefore I just took this of the person in the car holding there head out. It’s not as good as the original obviously, but I still like it. This is the site the photo I’m talking about is on. It also has other pictures that are unusual perspective which gave me ideas.

Most the time you don’t look at buildings in this view because the you have to strain your neck and it hurts sometimes. I though I would show what you would see if you look up. Sure it’s just a building, but I think it’s cool how high up it is.



  1. Great idea for the project and great execution of the images.

    Really like the car image, I have seen some like that were they are driving and shot with a slow shutter. I am not suggesting doing this as it is not safe.

    Guitar photo- the sky/horizon line looks a little weird, something going on there with the editing.

    Really like the beach photo. Great job on that one, great angle to shoot at.

  2. I like these pictures the best because when somebody uses leading lines it automatically attracts my attention. I love the color on the guitar and how you changed the color for the picture at the beach. If I were to pick a favorite it would be the beach one. If I were to pick a least favorite it would be The one of the building because I just thing that it is uninteresting to me. You are a great photographer! Keep up the good work!

  3. I like these pictures a lot because the views are different from everyday views. You chose creative angles and have great lighting. My favorite was the one of the building because of the angle and the fact that you can see the top of the building and didn’t cut off the top. I’m not sure but something that may have made it stronger would be including the side of the building since in this photo it was cut off. But overall,, great shots!

  4. These pictures are great! The visual confusion one is my favorite. The photo is somewhat disorientating, which makes it unique. The photograph of the building is great as well. The colors of the sign contrast well with the shadowy area behind it. The tilted aspect of the photo makes it stand out from other building photos. The tilt strangely seems to have some continuity with the sign. The sign really helps the photo by adding a dash of blue, green, and white.

  5. i like these pictures because of the unusual angles. my favorite photo was parkside building… all the windows in a leading line just gives the picture a organized good look.

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