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This week my photography teacher decided to give us another assignment. We were told do do different color combinations. There were three he decided on; Contrasting, Monochromatic, and Analogous. Contrasting colors means that you have a main subject of on color on the wheel, with an opposite color on the color wheel as your background. An example is when you have a yellow flower with a blue sky background. Monochromatic means to have just one color with different shades of that color in the picture, but no other colors. An example we were shown were some peanuts laid out on a brown counter and there was a brown peanut bag in the background. The main color was brown, but there were different shades. Lastly analogous, which is where you have a few colors that are very close on the color scale. One example is a flower that may have a green center that turns into a red, then orange, and finally yellow tips.

I decided to for the contrasting colors just go looking around with my camera in hand and see what I find.  For the monochromatic I wanted to set up my scenes because for that one I had stuff in mind already. Then lastly for analogous I did a combination of the two previous. I randomly looked around with a camera and I also set up a few scenes.

As for inspiration I obviously did this assignment because of the assigning described on our class blog, Mr. Twitchell posted a few links per color to help us out, but I wanted to look on my own as well. I think he took all the good ones though, so sorry Twitch I’m copying you. All of his were really helpful, especially the one on monochromatic. This was where I got my inspiration to do the fruit scenes in my project that you will soon see. I loved the idea. It also gave me more experience in photographing still objects, and food. For contrasting I chose this blog because it had the color wheel, just incase people don’t have that memorized, and it had sample pictures. I love seeing the sample pictures because it actually shows me instead of just telling me. For analogous I used this because again it showed the color wheel and an example. It also explained the example well.

For monochomatic I decided to take pictures of these brown cookies on a brown wooded table with even a brown wood chair and turner in the background. It was all brown.

The contrasting colors was my least favorite. I took a picture of a blue shovel inside a yellow bucket. They were just laying in my backyard and I was like “Hey that’s contrasting colors right there.”

Analogous is my favorite because it was the easiest and most fun for me personally. I saw these popsicles in my freezer that were a perfect example. My mom did get a little upset I opened five popsicles for no reason though so kids don’t do this at home.

I wish this fake flower didn’t look so fake but it does show perfect example of the analogous because it goes from kinda green in the center to red to orange to yellow.

This has some red in the cheeks, along with some oranges and yellows. I thought long about this one whether it good be sort of monochromatic. But I decided it was more analogous then monochromatic since it does have some different colors not just different shades of one color. It’s close though.


  1. Great job with the portrait photos! They looked great with John and his girlfriend! Also, the light photos were really well done with all the shapes and such.

  2. Great job with the self portraits they are very beautiful. You seem to have a real knack for photography.

  3. I like these photos. I like the pictures if down town the best because of all the colors. My favorite is the photo with the rain on the lens.

  4. great job on all of your pictures. i think overall this blog is my favorite. you did a great job on every picture. they were very creative and they all stood out. good use of macro on the flowers, your portraits all had good lighting and the lights all showed creativity and fun. those had to be my favorites. keep it up.

  5. Wow. All of your photos are beautiful. The shots of the couple getting married are just gorgeous! They are perfect for each other and look so happy. You have done and incredible job on these and you could become a wedding photographer. All of the angles and color combinations are just perfect. Great job and keep going!

  6. I really like the color combo pictures! The one of the scarecrow is one of my favorites. It looks very fall-like.
    I like how each picture has its own speciality! I also like the popsicles picture. The orange is cool how it stands out from the pinky red. The contrasting colors one is good too.

    • M_@_T C_0_B-TT-0
    • Posted November 30, 2011 at 12:27 pm
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    I really like the picture of the train tracks. I really like it because it is simple and there isn’t too much going to distract you. These are all really good but I still feel like the train tracks is my favorite.

  7. I love your color combinations! My two favorite ones are the scarecrow and the brown cookies. The colors in the scarecrow are warm and very Autumn-y. They compliment eachother perfectly. The cookie picture looks pretty cool because of the multiple brown shades that it is made up of.

  8. I like the color combo pictures obviously because of the colors but they all turned out really well. My favorite would have to be the one of the popsicles the colors all really stand out and it takes you all the way into the photo. I also like the shovel and bucket picture. The colors look good together. On the cookies photo i would maybe crop the chairs in the background out so its no so distracting but i still like the angle it is shot at.

    • J_44$2###brown8***
    • Posted November 30, 2011 at 12:33 pm
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    You are a very talented photographer Jessica! My favorite photo are the natural framing image of the girls putting lipstick on in the mirror. Creating the frame of the mirror into the frame of the picture was a very clever idea. The photo is crisp and I like how you made it black and white. It makes the picture more interesting. I also like the flower pictures. You really captured great depth and color in these images. They are beautiful photos. Nice work Jessica!

    • m!kay1a lundblad
    • Posted November 30, 2011 at 12:36 pm
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    I like the picture of the bucket and shovel, but there is something in the bucket that is a little distracting. There is also a couple weird white spots in the middle of the shovel, that are also a little distracting. The picture of the flower is very pretty, but I think it would look better if you backed up a little and got more of the flower. My favorite is the picture of the popsicles. I like how you put them and their colors.

  9. These are beautiful photos. I don’t think the flower looks fake, it is exciting to look at. Each of these pictures have a unique color combination to them, which makes them very fun to see.

  10. I really like the pictures of the city with the slow shutter speed. The car tail lights make it look really cool! The dark sky contrasts the lights and city really well. Those are great pictures!

  11. nice photos

  12. Good job with the photos. I like how you focus a lot on the portraits and photos. I also like how you mute the colors in the pictures. It makes the pictures more pleasing to look at. Also the effect with the slow shutter speeds in the city make the pictures a lot better.

  13. I really like how many different colors you used throughout this blog. It is cool to see all the different ways you can use colors and vary their contrast. I would have to say that I agree with you that the popsicle one is my favorite. The colors really work together nicely. My least favorite would have to be the contrasting one because the yellow pale does not really contrast well and looks more white. Also, you could explain what you did to each of your pictures in photoshop. That would be nice to know. Overall great blog though!

  14. Great shots of colors they contrasted well and they were shot against a grey background. The photo of the chalk really stuck out to me because of the balance and the color choice. The photo album overall is also done very well.

  15. Good examples. The Popsicle image, the top right corner crop that little area out that does not match the rest. The last image, bring up the contrast some to give it some more pop to it.

    Shows understanding of the concepts, would like to see more for a photo 5, two week project. 🙂

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