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This is my favorite time of the year. The snow is falling (more or less lately), the bells are ringing, and there are pretty Christmas decorations everywhere. We decorate my tree as soon as Thanksgiving is done. I love the tree decorating, it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I was looking at my tree the other day and I got an idea to take picture of some of the cool ornaments we have and edit them up and show the world.

I got my inspiration from truly myself because I thought of the idea. I went to some sights though to get some tips. Digital Photography School had some good tips for any type of Christmas photography. I decided I may extend this and do another post on it from my Holiday vacation. I’m not sure yet though. I used a lot of the tips that the digital photography school had to give me. I really want to try doing the time lapse like the article was talking about, I think that it would be so fun! It would definitely make for some good pictures.

I also was on google and came across a blog by Scott Photographics. Some of the pictures in the beginning aren’t going to open if you are using a computer through the school, but if your at home the will come up. There are some pictures toward the bottom that still come up. I love the angles that the photographer of the blog gets at.

All of the following pictures were only edited a little bit in photoshop, lightroom, and a program I have on my laptop called iPhoto. It isn’t the best compared to photoshop or lightroom, but it is at least something and actually does minor lighting edits pretty well.

I like this picture a lot and I think it is definitely one of my favorites. I used the rule of thirds on this one so that way you could see the pretty ornament as well as a chunk of the tree. I love how you can actually see me taking the picture in the ball. It’s almost like a natural framing, but maybe not so much.

I love how colorful this one is. I used a lighting effect from lightroom called Old Polar to give the colors an extra ummph.  Yes, that is a word 🙂 I thought that using the effect would make the Christmas colors pop and catch attention.

I don’t know if it is just me, but this picture looks a little blurry to me. It’s really hard because when I used auto focus on my camera, it would freak out and not know what to focus on. When I used manual focus, it looked to me like things were perfectly clear then I loaded them and I was thinking not so much. So blurry or no? I can’t tell my eyes are disgracing me.

I really wanted to stay away from making these picture black and white since it is Christmas time and  want to portray all the Christmas colors. However, I did think this one just looked better in black and white because the ornament is originally a white color. With the way the window light is hitting it, I think it looks better black and white.

I used the rule of thirds again on this one so that way you didn’t just have a boring straight on shoot of a centered image that is so ordinary. I changed the effect on this one to Bleach Bypass to give it an extra touch and then I contrasted it a little bit. I like the way it turned out although again I’m struggling with if it is blurry or not.

I decided to change the lighting effect on this one to aged photo to make it pop a little bit. I think I have figured out with white ornaments, they just look better with different lighting effects. I think it is because the way the Christmas tree lights pop of them it looks weird in normal color.

I may have done a bit too much on this one, yeah? I just really wanted to go bold here.

I love the way the colors bounce off the glass in this one. All I did to this was a little contrasting and sharpening, but for the most part it  it was awesome the way it was. I love how you can see through the glass and capture a lot of the tree and lights.

There is something about this picture that I really like, and something that just bothers me. I can’t put my finger on either though!

I of course had to incorporate in a ornament that actually said Merry Christmas. Although I do have a problem with the words, they are sort of blurry. Oops.

Again with the rule of thirds to make the picture more interesting. I like the way you can see me in the bal again like the first picture I posted on here.

Tigger! I love this ornament because I got it so long ago from my grandma and it’s so cute! It’s one of my favorite because of the sentimental value behind it. I like the angle I got at, but I wish the window lighting wasn’t so light on it.

This ornament is so stinking cute. I love how sharp I got this one. It’s one of the favorites for sure and I didn’t do any editing except bumping the exposure a little bit.

Last, but definitely not least. I LOVE this picture because it is just a picture of blurred lights. It’s beautiful and definitely puts Christmas in my mind 🙂

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  1. Nice detail shots… a tip for you on shooting reflective things (unless you want your reflection to be in them… find something to shoot through. Get a big sheet and shoot through it, get a poster board, cut a hole in it and shoot through it, something to shoot through that will be plain and allow the viewer to focus on the ornament and not the reflection, unless the reflection is what you are going for in which case crop in tighter.

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